The Distinctive Family

We have exciting news to share – we are making another incredible investment in our Distinctive family! Our HR/Talent and Finance team, with support and advocacy from our senior leadership team, has recently approved an important update to our Family Leave Policies. Effective July 1, 2022, Distinctive Schools is proud to announce that we will offer a 12 week, fully paid family leave for full time, benefits eligible staff members expanding their family!  This is a tremendous celebration for us as we continue to prioritize balance and provide support for our employees and team members.

Distinctive Schools celebrates our staff at all stages of their lives, and recognizes that expanding a family is a special time deserving of additional, uninterrupted time off.  We recognize that this time also comes with financial needs, and we are happy to provide full pay and eligible benefits to support our staff during this important time. 

We know our staff members have a choice in where they educate. We want to continue to honor our strong culture and support our teams with this added benefit across our organization. While this policy was years in the making and in response to staff feedback, it supports our timeless commitment to mental health and wellness and your commitment to this important work for our students and families.