Students in masks

QWhat does reopening our schools mean for my campus?

  • A: Our plan prioritizes the health and safety of our students, staff, and families. We will be open for in-person learning five days per week, at our regular schedule. 

Q: Will students and staff be safe at School for in-person learning? 

  • A: Safety is always our top priority at Distinctive Schools. We have closely studied guidance from federal and state authorities, as well as the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) and Michigan Department of Health (MDPH). Our plan puts multiple measures of mitigation in place to support a healthy learning environment for students and staff.

Q: Will students need to wear face masks at school?

  • A: Yes. As per directives of the state, all individuals above the age of two will need to wear face masks while at school. Face masks may be removed for brief periods of time under certain circumstances (such as lunch). However, when face masks are removed, students must remain physically distant from one another (at least three feet).

Q: What will screening look like for staff and students before school each day?  

  • A: Staff and students will need to self identify/certify that they do not have any COVID symptoms each day by logging their arrival. Families will do this using the Pick-Up Patrol screener. Families must complete the screener daily before entering the building to ensure students are symptom free. Staff and any visitor to the building will need to sign in. Student attendance will be taken.