enchanted backpack

On April 25, 2024 an energetic assembly of CICS West Belden students eagerly lined up, bursting into cheers as the Enchanted Backpack van arrived to deliver a generous donation to the school!

Enchanted Backpack, a 501(c)3 organization, was started with the belief that all children deserve to have the tools they need to learn and excel and that all teachers deserve to have the support and materials to make their classrooms exciting learning centers.

From toothpaste to winter coats, to an abundance of school supplies ready to be shared among our classrooms, every item brought smiles and excitement to our students! Jesus Meraz, Community School Coordinator for CICS West Belden, shared his gratitude for this incredible donation, "This is going to make such a difference," he beamed. "It's not just about the supplies, it's about boosting our students' engagement and enthusiasm in the classroom."

Special thanks to Noemi Simons, our amazing Bilingual Program Manager, for introducing us to the magic of Enchanted Backpack! In partnership, Jesus Meraz spearheaded the efforts that made this generous donation possible at West Belden. 

To the wonderful team at Enchanted Backpack, words cannot express our sincere gratitude! Your support brought so much joy to our community, and will continue to support our students and families throughout the year! Here's to spreading smiles, the spirit of generosity and celebrating the power of community! 🎉